Ok, for those of you that are interested in the alternator modification we discussed at the last meeting, I am trying to get an idea of how many First Gen Z owners would like to pre-purchase the parts to be installed at the next club wrench day or to install yourself. This will consist of a CS-130 alternator that puts out 105 amps at idle and about 130 amps at speed with all the pieces parts to install. I have not figured out the exact price for everything but it should be about $250 plus or minus. You will have to provide your existing alternator mounting bracket as a core exchange.

Please reply so that I can get a count and start to figure out a timeline for our next meeting. Nine kits are being requested at this time. It should take about 30 minutes to do the installation. Please specify the model and year to verify that the correct parts are put together for your car.

It's the best mod I've done to my 1975 280Z.