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Thread: R12 and R134 Replacement

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    Default R12 and R134 Replacement

    For people with R12 ac systems finding a freon replacement is tough. R134a is not as efficient as R12 and R12 is now made of unobtainium. Here is a cost effective and very efficient replacement. Not only that it is also a more efficient R134a replacement. ENVIRO-SAFE ES-12a is up to 32% more efficient than R-12 and much more efficient than R-134a. This means less wear on your refrigeration system, substantial energy savings and reduced operating costs. With ENVIRO-SAFE the compressor will load approximately 2-3 hp only. ENVIRO-SAFE ES-12a's boiling temperature is -30.4F. ENVIRO-SAFE ES-12a was designed as an R-12 replacement in all R-12 applications.
    Is ENVIRO-SAFE safe?
    Yes! ENVIRO-SAFE is an "ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE" organic, non-toxic, non-ozone depleting hydrocarbon compound. ENVIRO-SAFE is a hydrocarbon refrigerant and has been endorsed by GreenPeace. It is in full compliance with the UN Montreal Protocol. Like most organic materials ENVIRO-SAFE is flammable, but its ignition temperature is 1585F at both 5 psi and 0 psi (which is better than the DuPont R-134a's ignition temperature of 368F at 5 psi and 1411F at 0 psi). Nevertheless, a pine odor has been added to the product so that any leak in a refrigeration system can be readily detected. To locate the precise origin of a leak, it is recommended that a hydrocarbon detector be utilized. Most mid and higher priced conventional leak detectors will detect hydrocarbon refrigerants. In the alternative, either soap bubbles orENVIRO-SAFE DYE-CHARGE can be used. ENVIRO-SAFE DYE-CHARGE is both visually detectable and responsive to black light. In a safety study, the prestigious Arthur D. Little scientistsconcluded that hydrocarbon refrigerants pose no significant increased risk or hazard over Freon.
    ENVIRO-SAFE does not become caustic if contaminated with moisture or oxygen.

    • ENVIRO-SAFE is a better conductor of heat and requires less horsepower to compress, which reduces compressor wear and extends compressor life.
    • ENVIRO-SAFE does not require a compressor oil change.
    • ENVIRO-SAFE has a very low Global Warming Potential with a Zero Ozone Depletion Potential.

    ENVIRO-SAFE is covered by OSHA Hazard Communication Standard.
    How does ENVIRO-SAFE compare?
    Properties R-12 R-134a ES-12a
    Atmospheric Lifetime Year 130 16 less than 1
    3650 600 4
    1.0 0 0
    Thermal Performance 0 -8% +12-32%
    Oils Compatibility Mineral Synthetic Both
    Components, changes and/or wear No Yes No
    Potential Corrosion Yes Yes No
    Toxic Thermal Decomposition Phosgene Gas Hydrogen Fluoride Gas None
    Long Term Health Effects None Testicular Cancer None
    Short Term Health Risks None Can cause sudden death without warning
    Leak Detection Halide Halide Hydrocarbon
    Boiling Point (F) -21 -15 -30.4
    Critical Temp. (F) 233.6 214 205
    Auto-ignition (F) 0 psi Nonflammable 1411 1585
    Auto-ignition (F) 5.5 psi Nonflammable 368 1585
    How is ENVIRO-SAFE packaged?
    ENVIRO-SAFE is available in cans (12 cans per case), 30lb. cylinders and also 50lb. cylinders.
    Does ENVIRO-SAFE require retrofitting?
    No! ENVIRO-SAFE is a direct drop-in R-134a replacement. It requires no retrofitting or redesigning of the refrigeration system because it is completely compatible with all the materials, hoses, O-rings, seals and oils (mineral or synthetic) in all systems. The savings can be enormous! If you have an automotive R-12 system you must change the two vehicle fittings to the 134a-sized fittings and properly remove any Freon in accordance with EPA procedures. Changing the fittings can be done easily by screwing on (over the existing R-12 fittings) 134a-sized adapter fittings. All you will need are the two 134a adapter fittings for the vehicle year and make, which should cost around $9.00. (We have them here ). You DO NOT need the $60 to $80 "134a Kit".
    How do I install ENVIRO-SAFE?
    There are no new procedures or techniques to learn! The same equipment and gauges are used. The refrigeration system is charged in the same manner as with the refrigerant being replaced using approximately the same pressure levels. (Note: ENVIRO-SAFE ES-12a pressure on the high side may run up to 15 psi lower than what your R-12 high side pressure normally is. The low side pressure should be the same as your R-12 low side pressure at any given ambient temp.) For those who install by weight, the equivalency ratios are: .33 lb. of ENVIRO-SAFE ES-12a is equivalent to 1 lb. of R-12; .38 lb. of ENVIRO-SAFE ES-12a is equivalent to 1 lb. or R-134a; .41 lb. of ES-22a is equivalent to 1 lb. of R-22; .40 lb. of ES-502a is equivalent to 1 lb. of R-502. ENVIRO-SAFE is completely compatible with synthetic or organic oils in all currently existing systems. No flushing or oil changes are required. The only difference is that ENVIRO-SAFE is installed as a liquid.

    • 1 - If system is charged, check system for leaks or defective components. Replace or repair as necessary. Determine that compressor has proper amount of lubricant according to manufacturer's specifications.
    • 2 - If desired, pull a vacuum. After pulling a vacuum of no more than 10 inches, do not charge under vacuum. ENVIRO-SAFE does not become caustic if some moisture is present. Charging under a high vacuum can result in an overcharge. Any overcharge may cause loss of cooling efficiency.
    • 3 - Connect gauges and hoses. With compressor off, open cylinder valve or invert can to install ENVIRO-SAFE on low-pressure side of compressor (installing as a liquid will not harm the compressor). Establish flow. After an initial minimum charge is achieved, start compressor and set system to high. Continue adding ENVIRO-SAFE as needed to achieve proper pressure level according to manufacturer's specifications. DO NOT OVERCHARGE! Exceeding 60 psig on the low side may damage compressor. In some cases, clearing the site glass overcharges the unit. Any overcharge may cause loss of cooling efficiency.
    • 4 - After verifying that the pressures and temperatures are correct, shut off compressor, disconnect gauges, install service port caps and place the ENVIRO-SAFE "stick on" tag (shipped along with each purchase) in a clearly visible area.
    • 5 - If a system has been overcharged or has a leak and must be recharged, completely evacuate the system using reclaiming equipment (not recycling equipment) and start the charging procedure over.

    Does ENVIRO-SAFE have EPA approval?
    ENVIRO-SAFE is a zero ozone depleting "second generation" replacement for R-134a and all other substitutes for Freon that are non-ozone depleting. Unlike R134a, it is also non-global-warming . EPA's Final Rule, issued April 1, 1994, states:
    "In this final rule, the Agency has determined that second generation replacements, if they are non-ozone depleting and are replacing non-ozone depleting first generation alternatives, are exempt from reporting requirements under Section 612"
    If an automotive system is "first generation" (has 134a fittings and contains no Freon ) it may accept a "second generation" refrigerant like ENVIRO-SAFE.
    Is ENVIRO-SAFE guaranteed?
    ENVIRO-SAFE is guaranteed to be ozone safe and to perform as an efficient refrigerant in all systems. ENVIRO-SAFE is guaranteed to be up to 32% more efficient than Freon. ENVIRO-SAFE is guaranteed not to become caustic if contaminated with moisture and oxygen. ENVIRO-SAFE is further guaranteed not to harm air-conditioning system components or any other related mechanical equipment if installed and used according to factory directions.
    Here is the link to their website:

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